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Neves (Arden)– Bom día. My name is Neves and we are Native Amazonians. We have lived in the Amazon rainforest for almost about 12,000 years. Once, there were as many as 10 million of us living in the Amazon Rainforest. Today, the number of native Amazonians is much smaller. Those who remain want one thing above all: to continue their traditional way of life. We use sustainable way of life to preserve our traditional way of life. We hunt, fish, and grow crops on small spots of land that we have cleared in the forest. In 1960’s, the government of Brazildecided to open the Amazon basin to development.
Neves (Arden)- I am going to interview two Native Amazonians from the Rainforest… Excuse me?
(Courtney)- Bom día. My name is_.
Neves (Arden)- Can I ask you some questions?
(Courtney)- Sure. What would you like to ask?
Neves (Arden)- What are some ideas about what native Amazonians want to do to preserve or use the rainforest’s resources?
(Courtney)- Well, we almost always use substainable development and that means that we find ways to use resources without using them up. We also fight to save parts of the Rainforest from development because some of those parts might be our homes.
Neves (Arden)- Ok, thank you! Adeus
(Courtney)- Adeus!

Jumatan(justin)- Bom día.
Neves (Arden)- Bom día. Can I ask you some questions?
Jumatan(justin)- Sure. What would you like to ask?
Neves (Arden)- Why are the Native Amazonians ideas justified, or good, for what should be done to preserve or use the rainforest’s resources?
Jumatan(justin)- Well, we are not destroying the Rainforest and we are preserving it. Many people are destroying it such as
loggers, ranchers and farmers who are trying to take over our land and use it for there purposes. Also a way we preserve it is subtainable development which is a way and our way as native amazonians to help save our rainforest in this tough time.
Neves (Arden)- ok, Thank you! Adeus!
Jumatan(justin)- Adeus!

Top 5

The top 5 things to understand about Native Amazonians is that they use sustainable development to survive, they use animals and plants to survive through medicine and hunting, they dont like when loggers, ranchers, and farmers take over the habitats and living space, They fight to save parts of the rainforest from development and they perserve their traditional way of life.


  • Promote ecotourism because it helps a countrys economy, creates jobs, brings in money
  • divide the rainforest in equal parts for each group and have that be their limited amount of space
  • Encourage sustainable development because it helps balance development and preservation
  • Plant a tree for every tree that is cut down by any group and this will prevent long term damage to the forest

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Rainforest Video Notes

  • Rainforests lie along the equator
  • The largest Rainforest is the Amazon Rainforest
  • The average temperature is 80 degrees fahrenheit
  • Losing an acre a second of the rainforest
  • millions of insects
  • Rainforests take up 2% of the Earth
  • 160 - 460 inches of rain yearly in rainforests
  • Thin layer of soil on forest floor
  • Forest Understory includes vines, roots and tree trunks
  • Doctors use 100 of plants for medical purposes
  • Amazonian natives are having hard times finding homes
  • Habitat and living space being taken over by loggers, ranchers and farmers
  • Amazonians use sustainable development to survive
  • Amazonians use animals and plants to survive through medicine and hunting
  • Amazonians have lived in the rainforest for centuries


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  • Who - Native Amazonians
  • What is the problem? - Everybody wants to use the Rainforest's resources.
  • Where is this held?- It is held in the amazon rainforest
  • When does it occur?- For 500 years
  • Why does it occur? - because sevaral different groups want to have the resources of the rainforest

Summary of Textbook

  • Population shrinking with time
  • Lived on the same land for over 12,000 years
  • Want to continue traditional way of life
  • Hunt, fish and grow crops on cleared land
  • Use sustainable development to live
  • 1960's, Brazilian government opens Amazon/Amazonian land to development
  • Farmers, ranchers, loggers came to Rainforest using unsustainable development
  • Newcomers increase deforestation
  • Tropical rainforest and Native Amazonians harmed through newcomer actions
  • Some have died from diseases from newcomers
  • Learned new skills like Porteguese and government negotiation

Other Resources

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Notes from Resources

  • Arden - 1
    • Native Amazonians have lived here for over 20,000 years
    • There are many different tribes spread along the Amazon.
    • They all have developed their own ways of life in harmony with nature.
    • Live in family houses-tree bark and palm leave fronds
    • Modern culture of Europe in amazonia- arrival of Europeans after initial exploration
    • Amazonians were pushed away used by the modern society
    • Tried to protest but lost
    • Only about 140,000 left in the amazon today out of the millions.
    • Deforestation and pollution have begun to overrun the amazon in the just under 500 years that the new culture has existed
  • Justin - 2
    • Stigma and discrimination against people living with HIV is commonplace in the Amazon region of Brazil.
    • In the Amazon State, many people living with HIV are mistreated by public health staff.
    • People think that they should raise awareness about HIV in public opinion, people living with HIV will be confident enough to show their faces as part of society.
    • A lot of the biggest challenges are related to access to health services.
  • Courtney - 3
  • Traftion is a very important part of the Native Amazonians culture