Project Proposal: Mr. Whitmer, to present my project I want to make a neat timeline, by doing that I can show how the soda fountain has developed and also add some pictures to make it more "presentable."
This is my final presentation


Soda fountain timeline:
  • 1798: The term "soda water" was first starting.
  • 1810: The first U.S. patent was issued for the mass manufacture of imitation mineral waters to inventors, Simons and Rundell.
  • 1819: The first soda fountain patent was granted to Samuel Fahnestock.
  • 1858: G.D. Dows invented and operated the first marble soda fountain, which he patented in 1863.
  • 1870: Gustavus Dows patented a more advanced and modern form of the soda fountain.
  • 1874: Robert Green created the first ice cream soda.
  • 1883: James Tufts patented a soda fountain, which he called the Arctic. Tufts went on to become a huge soda fountain manufacturer.
  • 1903: a revolution in soda fountain design took place with the front service fountain patented by Doctor Heisinger.

Common Places to find a "Soda Fountain" :
  • Very common in ice cream parlor.
  • Found in restaurants.
  • Convenience stores
  • Concession stands.
  • Gas station

What kinds of drinks were served in the soda fountain?
  • The drinks that you see in the soda fountain today are nothing like you would see in the late 1800's.
  • Drinks in the late 1800's mostly consisted of concoctions or extracts of various drugs that were flavored and effervesced to make them edible and yummy.
  • Drugs like cocaine and caffeine are maybe the most famous but bromides and various plant extracts were also commonly dispensed.
  • Near the early 1900's something came out called a "soft drink" it was said to be a "fruity, tangy drink." Jacob Baur, founder of the Liquid Carbonic Company, used the following in an advertisement for one of his soft drinks, “it isn’t medicinal, won’t cure anything… isn’t intoxicating or habit forming – it’s just flavory, fruity, snappy, sparkling, delicious.”

Other Relations:
Ice Cream:
  • Thought to have developed from Rome.
  • Ice cream (in earlier times) was made up of snow, nectar, fruit pulp, and honey.
Coca- Cola:
  • Dr. John Stith Pemberton was born May 8th, 1886.
  • 1863 Physician and chemist Dr.Pemberton develops "Pemberton's French Wine Coca,"
    1886 a new formula and a new name is given to Pemberton's beverage that sells for a 5 cents a glass
    1986 Frank M. Robinson, suggested the name "Coca-Cola."
    1888 He sold portions of his business to different
    1891 Mr. Candler achieves sole ownership of the comany, at a total cost $2,300.
    1892 Mr. Candler formed a Georgia corporation named The Coca-Cola Company.
    1893 The trademark "Coca-Cola," used since 1886, was registered in the USPTO on January 31
    1894 the first syrup manufacturing plant outside Atlanta was opened in Dallas, Texas.
    1894 in Vicksburg, Mississippi, Joe Biedenharn installed bottling machins and sold Coke by the case
    1895 Coca-Cola is now drunk in every state and territory in the United States
    1899 two Tennessee men secure the exclusive rights to bottle and sell Coca-Cola in the entire U.S. .
    1916 Coca-Cola deserved a distinctive package, the unique contour bottle design is introduced
    1919 Candler sells The Coca-Cola Company to Ernest Woodruff and an investor group for $25 million.
    1922 the Company pioneered the innovative six-bottle carton
    1928 Coca-Cola sales in bottles had for the first time exceeded fountain sales.
    1945 "Coke," is registered as a trademark by the USPTO
    1971 "I want to buy the world a Coke" marketing campaign begins
    1977 the now-familiar contour bottle shape was granted registration as a trademark
    1985 a new formula for coke is introduced. Citizens of the world say no thanks!
Modern Soda Fountain
late 1800's soda fountain