African Geography - Population


  • 40% of Africans are Muslim
  • 46.3% of Africans are Christians
  • There is only 0.3% of Hinduism in Africa
  • Less than 1% of people have no religion
  • In Africa over 100 million people practice indigeno us religions


  • Most Africans are living are living in villages like there ancestors
  • In 2005, 906 million people were living in Africa
  • By 2050 1,937 people are expected to be living in Africa
  • 37.1% of the population are rural, 62.9 are urban
  • Africa has the fastest growing population
  • Africa is the second most populated continent

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  • The more populated areas are the places where the Europeans first explored
  • There are a lot of people where the mines are.
  • There are a lot of people near farming
  • Many people live near water
  • Near the desert it is very hot, so many people could die of heat stroke because of the climate.
  • Most people live in west Africa because of oil
  • Not many people live in central because of the climate

Connections - Table 1 - Physical Features
-The people of Africa tend to live near water sources that run through Africa, like the Nile River and Lake Victoria
-People tend to live away from the edges of the ocean where slave traders used to capture slaves and ship them to America
-People living in Africa live mostly away from unfriendly terrain like the Sahara Desert and the Atlas Mountains