African Geography - Physical Features

North Africa
  • Sahara Dessert (Largest Desert in the World)
  • Nile River (Longest River in africa)

West Africa
  • Freshwater Deposits (Niger River, Lake Chad)
  • Grasslands (Covereing most of West Africa)

East Africa
  • Freshwater Lakes (Lake Tanganyika, Lake Victoria, Lake Malawi)
  • Ethiopian Highlands (Including Mount Kilimanjaro)

Central + Southern Africa
  • Congo Basin
  • Freshwater Rivers (Congo River + Zambezi River)

external image sandstorm-sahara-desert.jpg
Sahara Desert

external image congo-basin-1.jpg
Congo River Winding Through Congo Basin

external image mount_kilimanjaro.jpg
Mount Kilimanjaro

external image Lake_victoria.jpg
Lake Victoria

  • In North Africa by the Nile River they grow cotton
  • The grasslands of North Africa are used for nomadic herding
  • Group 4 to Group 1: The physical features of Madagascar are trees
  • Group 4 to 1: Physical features of Madagascar; Island
  • People would like to live around fresh water vs. a desert

Table 2 => Table 1
  • the climate is either arid or semiarid in desert regions
  • High-elevated land features, such as Mt. Kilimanjaro and the Ethiopian Highlands, generally have a cooler and wetter climate than the areas below

Jacob A. vegetation =>

I saw that we had that in the congo basin there were broadleaf evergreen forests and you have the Congo basin picture with heavy forests and rivers.
Table 6 => Table 5 (Brianna)
The rivers are where most people are at, around the Nile River, and there are not too many people near the mountains like Mount Kilimanjaro.