African Geography - History

Africa's History
  • Africa was called "The birthplace of the human race"

Early Times:
  • The Egyptian civilization lasted for more than 2,000 years
  • 5000 BCE Africans were raising animals and growing crops
  • The Egyptians built the pyramids and created paper

Kingdoms and Colonies:
  • Three great kingdoms were present in West Africa around 300 C.E.
  • The three kingdoms were Ghana, Mali, and Songhai
  • Trade across the Sahara
  • Arab traders from north Africa trades copper and salt for ivory, gold, and slaves.
  • Since the traders were Arab, much of their Islamic faith spread throughout Africa
  • Around the 1400s, Europeans began to explore Africa for their gold and slaves
  • The slave trade ended around 1850
  • The Europeans lost America, so they headed for Africa to set up their colonies

The Modern Era:
  • Ghana was the first back colony to become a country
  • To prevent tension, The African Union was created


  • Ghana and the African Union relates to current events
  • Trades with Other countries, illegal/legal, connects with illegal hardwood trades
  • If the climate would have been different in Africa than the history could have been different.
  • These are brendans connections for physical features.
  • Sahara desert
  • the three kingdoms are in west africa
  • egypt is a basin.
  • Cut down trees to trade
  • The history can decide were certain religions are more likely to be based on past rulers, this can relate to population