African Geography - Economic Activity

  • Mining is a huge economic adantage in africa
  • Central and Southern African mines have the most diamonds
  • Mining is done in two ways, in large pits, and in deep mines
  • More than half of Africas farming is subsistence farming
  • Many countries, like Egypt, have switched to commercial farming to make money. They grow cotton on the Nile River
  • The grasslands of North and Northeast africa has alot of nomadic herding. this is where farmers move their animals to find food and water.
  • Oil is a key resource in parts of north and West Africa
  • Africa produces almost three fourths of the worlds diamonds
  • The rain forest of West Africa produces cocoa beans
  • Most of Africa's manufactured goods are produced in South Africa


  • this relates to history, because in colonial and modern times Europe has built up Africa's economy
  • they used trees to help
  • If a place has lots of resources and a godd economy more people are likely to live their