African Geography - Current Events

Madagascar Illegal Logging:

-98% of illegally logged wood ends up in China
-The Chinese demand for exotic hardwood is causing problems for people and animals
-This illegal maneuver is a benefit to China but is affecting Madagascar negatively
-Sales for beds made of these logs are around $1 million
-Political unrest in Madagascar drives illegally logging the island's hardwood forest
-Many people and wild life depend on the trees in Madagascar
-The trees give animals shelter, food, and other essentials needed for life
-To make the situation worse, there is a lot of political tension between Madagascar's ex-president and his rival


- this connects to history because of the fact that more connections to the world mean there will be a greater demand for products.


Connections - Table 1 - Physical Features
-The physical features of Africa directly connect to current events since many disputes are raised over the natural resources that Africa provides
-The physical features of Africa cause for troubles and news to arise, like droughts in the Sahara Desert
  • This could effect the population because if there is bad things going on in Africa people won't want to stay they will probably want to go somewhere else and the population would decrease
  • If there are wars and battles going on and killing many people the population will decrease by a ton