Activity Types - Ideas

Activity Type list from William and Mary
Curricula Ideas Elementary & Middle School

  • Twitterature - Students post tweets updating main events in the story. This could be done in small groups, then one is chosen and the teacher tweets it using their account.
    • How could this be modified for main events in American History? What would you call it?
    • Another option would be to have one group create the first tweet, then each subsequent group tweets the next main event.
    • Or, groups could tweet from the perspective of a character (fictional, historical, or cultural)
  • Twittereflections - Class, groups or individuals reflect on their learning in 140 characters or less. Make every word count. Improve summary skills.
  • Mashable Textbook - Paraphrased content from textbook and other sources, creative commons images, youtube videos, links to websites, their own recordings, pictures, videos
  • 6 Degrees of ... - Linkages between people, events, documents. This could be built/displayed in mywebspiration and added to over the year. Which American will end up with the most linkages?
  • Photo mosaic - Slideshow, poster, or Glogster to express a certain event, era, place, etc.
  • Epitaph
  • 60 Second lectures - Ideally an enhanced podcast, video, or screencast, but a podcast or webpage would do. Even shorter version, they only get the 140 characters of a tweet.
  • This day in history podcasts
  • Film Club - Reviews of related movies
  • Google Earth Tours
  • Examining photographs - What details do you see? What questions would you ask the people in the picture? Feel/Mood? Inferences?
      1. What do you see?
      2. What do you think about that?
      3. What does it make you wonder?
      1. Make a claim about the topic
      2. Identify support for your claim
      3. Ask a question related to your claim
      1. What’s going on here?
      2. What do you see that makes you say that?
  • Class created Information Treasure Hunts - Each set of students recommends 1 resource on their topic/subtopic and 1-2 questions to focus their classmates reading/viewing of the resource. These resources and questions are collected and organized into a single Treasure Hunt that the rest of the class completes. This is a quick jigsaw activity that can be used to build background knowledge.
  • Class/Group/Personal Notebook Wiki Pages
  • Role-Playing Online Discussions & Role-Playing Interviews
  • CDV pages - Where the idea comes from, examples and counter-examples in American History, definition, related images, related videos, etc.
  • Historic Facebook Style Profiles
  • Wiktionary - Multimodal glossary
  • Concept Maps


  • CEQALL - Choice > Effort > Quality > Attitude > Labor of Love