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  • When did Abner Doubleday invent baseball?
  • What role did abner doubleday play in the civil war?
  • What equipment did he use during that time?
  • How did he have the time to play baseball?
  • Did he invent cooperstown?
  • Did abner doubleday make the rules?

Related notes

  • A union general in civil war
  • Alexander Cartwright invited the origins of baseball
  • Doubleday attempted to explain the tag-up rule and the balk
  • He rallied up his soldiers to give them spirit by playing baseball
  • He liked the idea and tried to make it become a national sport.
  • He played the game with wood and there bear hands.
  • He did not invent cooperstown allthough there are many tributes too him.
  • June 26, 1819January 26, 1893 died at 73
  • Famus for Battle of Gettysburg
  • he invented the modern day game of baseball, supposedly in Elihu Phinney's cow pasture in Cooperstown, New York, in 1839

Book: Abner & Me

  • Reflection/Documentation reports

  • We are going to make a diarama of the first baseball field ever. We are going to use legos and poster to make stands,dugouts,field and all of the other characteristics of a baseball field.

  • Project proposal

Im going to make a diarama of the first baseball field during the civil war.
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