13th Amendment

By: Kevin, Delaney and Chase

The 13th amendment symbolized the fact that slavery was now abolished. The amendment was first passed by the Senate on April 8, 1864. It then went on to the House, and was passed January 21, 1864. The amendment was ratified on December 6, 1865. When the South found out about this amendment they became very upset because they wanted the slaves to keep working on their farms for free. Reconstruction of the South had started and this was the beginning of a whole new revolution. What everyone did not know was the fact of adding a whole new amendment to the constitution was about to cause a lot of controversy between the North and the South. Many court cases were brought up regarding the 13th amendment.

After this amendment was passed, it was expected that the former African American slaves would now be safe from white rule. The African Americans would no longer have to deal with being told what to do or where to be. They could no longer be legally sold to anyone. In reality although it was a high hope of the government for everyone to get along, in years to come that would not be the case. Africans were still were on the bottom of the social chain politically, socially and economicly.

The 13th amendment did bring freedom to the Africans reguarding there slavery. Respect was not encluded as a part of the amendment. Although this was the law, not everyone followed it. Some of the white southerners still continued to treat black people with disrespect and forced labor. The benefits that the Africans gained were the fact that they were free, but this could become a struggle for them considering they were let go with no money, land, or shelter. The reaction of the North was overcame with joy they had finally abolished slavery, a long goal that had finally been completed. Even though the government thought this would end the torment towards African Americans, they weren't aware that many people would go as far as to form different groups that didn't respect the African Culture.

Our amendment was successful in helping former slaves become free in general but in reality they still could not vote, many white Southerners disrespected them and they couldn't play any part in the government. They might have been free from forced labor but really they weren't able to do much of anything else. As time went on things got worse and worse, but in some ways better. It wasnt until the 14th and 15th amendment where the Africans were actually satisfied with the law. In the next few years the Jim Crow laws were created and once again the Africans were almost back to where they started.

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This picture is from the Ratification of the 13th Amendment. The link is http://www.sonofthesouth.net/leefoundation/civil-war/1865/the--amendment_Picture2.jpg
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This picture shows slavery and African Americans getting whipped but after the 13th Amendment it abolished slavery.